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Not Dead Yet

Thanksgiving break. Feeling insanely restless, useless, and utterly unmotivated. So I decided that I might as well give some attention to my neglected blog.

So school thus far hasn’t been the most thrilling of things. I think it has to do with being somewhat isolated in my new house, since being in the dorms kind of puts you right next door to everyone and everything campus life. But I guess I can’t complain with the privacy, low rent, and freedom. I just need to learn to improve at pursuing cool individuals. o_O


Anyway, things I SHOULD be accomplishing this break include Christmas cards, Undead Lenin comic, and a paladin/demon character art. What I HAVE accomplished so far is some progress with the Christmas cards and some reaaaaly rough paladin sketches. I assume hours playing World of Warcraft doesn’t count as work.

Hmm..Shouldn’t I be automatically motivated to do these sort of things? Since I am majoring in it, I should enjoy it. Maybe writing and drawing my own comics and graphic novels will get more out of me. Maybe. Hopefully.
Regardless, I think this is the closest I am going to get.

Always trying to find things I enjoy doing. Therefore I like trying new things. And occasionally I get hooked to doing something for a while…but then it passes. Blargh. How dreadfully annoying.

I believe I’ll try flash again. Music again? Argh.

Another thing about me is that I hate doing things that lead to nothing productive. Well, not that I hate actually doing them…Its more like the fact that I AM doing them. Confusing? Probably.

Cause reading doesn’t produce money or some impressive skill. But it does build your mind and all that shiznat. Don’t some video games do the same?

So it always seems hard to tell if it matters what you’re doing, as long as you are enjoying it…Unless its crack, that is.

This break I think I should also write and write and write and write. And draw and draw and draw and draw. And maybe make a graphic novel or even a comic that I actually like.

Or maybe I just want the attention. But that in regards to art kind of lost its shine in highschool. Meh, sooo confusing.

Am I complaining? Not trying to. Just rambling. Musing. All that randomness.

I want a donut.