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Mmm…Veiny organs that pump blood through our bodies

**Wrote the following for Creative Writing Class. Will be performing on Monday >_<**

An Atypical Love Poem

Roses are red
Violets are blue
Sugar is sweet
And something ridiculously cliché that details my mindblowingly intense feelings of love and which also rhymes with the word blue.

Love. L-O-V-E. What the hell is love anyway?
According to the dictionary it’s: “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person”
Which sounds nice enough
However, that’s only one of 28 definitions
Many of which are far less innocent
Though I suppose we can ignore the tennis one
According to romantics it’s a sweet fire that engulfs our every being, making our hearts pound joyously in our chests as we float in clouds of pure euphoria.

According to most teenagers
It’s a new girlfriend and/or boyfriend each week.

What is this word they use so often?
Is it a tender embrace cloaked in poetic verses used one too many times before?
Is it lipstick messages scrawled on bathroom mirrors?
Is it kissing in the rain with some invisible orchestra booming in some Hollywood dimension?
Is it trading words of nothingness for hours and enjoying every damn minute of it?
Is it heart shapes cut from pages of the Kama Sutra?
Facebook relationship status bullshit?
Getting to totally score with that hot guy?
Romantic declarations of love screamed from the high peeks of…
AOL Instant Messenger?

Do movies, books, and T.V. shows feed us truths?
Or lies?
Those over dramatized, sappy, unrealistic relationships, which are completely dependent on the epic whatnot that surrounds them
Perhaps more truth lies in bickering spouses?
Picking up knights and maidens in some seedy little bar?
Teens cannibalistically devouring each other’s faces?
Or maybe just sex?

L-O-V-E = L-U-S-T
A mathematical lesson I hope to ignore.

Does that mean we’ll find love with the lonely man and the corner whore?
Does that mean we’ll find love with the vain little girl and the shirtless “hottie” on MTV?
Love? No.

I refuse to be pulled apart by the pages of the dictionary
Putting little one syllable post it notes on some feeling or another.
Joining in this perpetual hoedown. Now change your partner, do si do.
The Hit List check marks accumulating each week
And love him and him and him and him and him.

Realize that a heart is a veiny organ that pumps blood through your body.

Realize that “love” is just a word.

Which could mean absolutely nothing.

Or positively everything.

Realize that you can annihilate this defenseless four letter menace. Shattering it into a million pieces to meet the demands of any eyes that acknowledge your existence.

Or realize that you can bring true meaning to this word.

Or create your own words.

Or use none at all.