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What do I miss?

Being able to breath perhaps? Or maybe to be able to complete a sentence without coughing up a lung? Maybe even being able to speak slightly less like a 55 year old chain smoker? Hmm.

But look at the bright side. Dayquil is pretty badass looking….Even more so when one is heavily medicated. 8D

All I need now is to find a pretty blue pill. Then I can abduct some defenseless Computer Science student from his World of Warcraft, tie him to a chair, and reenact that scene from the Matrix in which I’m Morpheus and my petrified victim is that dreadful actor that still miraculously gets hired for movies. Yah.



So if a deranged boy were inspired to construct and destroy the world with an insanely random, dangerous, and elaborate car thing of doom…

My bad. ^_^

2D Design Project Sneak Peak

Photoshoot prep for Switching Skins project. Think veiny, red, and of the pumping blood through the body variety. Yah, just trust me on this one.

And yay for discovering that my photos suck less when I turn off that damn flash. o_O