Happy VD


I’m not in a words sort of mood. So I’ll keep it short and let the pictures aid me in my laziness.

Here is the heart I gave to my beau. Made an awful mess trying to remove it, staining one of my favorite shirts! And wasn’t I just thrown into a tizzy to find the biomechanical nature of the damn thing. Glad to be rid of it. The ticking was driving me mad.


Also, I felt the urge to rant against whiny single people who want to stab this holiday with a sharpened spork of doom, as I do every time this year. However I have found out over the past year or so that having a boyfriend makes me “like, totally not understand and stuff”. So since my opinion is now obsolete, and since Mike is too damn awesome for me to make any sort of single person argument,  I will allow Single KT(from a Valentines Day two years ago, no less) speak on my behalf.







So take a lesson from that girl. If you’re single, this equals fun times. Good day, chinchillas.


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  1. Becksu Said:

    LET’S BE IN LOVE. I just don’t get Valentine’s day, man.Whatevs. I wish I had Ben and Jerry’s. I never got to be whiny about Valentine’s day, so I’m just indifferent about it. 😀

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