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Study study study study study

So I’ve returned to good ole RIT and already I’m extremely unmotivated.

But before we go into college shenanigans, here some summer recap.

I’ve open an etsy shop found here:

Heres the sexy jewelry that dominates the halls of this domain currently:

Also doing a customized order of Can Haz Cheezburger earrings for an awesome Puerto Rican.  Hopefully her ears can handle the massive burgerness of it all.

Also complete my mom’s bag, which I forgot to take pictures of. Its normal, which is never such a good thing, but came out nice.

I completed my pleated skirt which I also haven’t photographed. Pretty cool though. The stray strings can be obnoxious at times.

Speaking of photography I HAZ A PROBLEM: My computer will no longer recognize that my camera is hooked up to it. I’ve tried different USB drives, uninstalling new updates, and buying a new cord. Any people know what the Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell is the deal. Plz help, k thanx? 😦

Now back to school, I’m living in a two family house for pretty cheap. My room, which I will post pictures of later, is dull and as ugly as fuck. Not that the room itself is crappy, its that my stuff is everywhere, the colors are depressing, and everything looks plain. This is my fault. I need to pimp stuff ouuuuuuuuut.

I’ll post a picture and ask for suggestions later maybe.

Well, I need to work on homework, so I’ll be quick. School is ok. What little I’ve seen of people has been awesome. Puzzles and procrastination are a bitch. And Katie needs to learn to draw again.

PS. Birthday in 13 days. Should I actually do something?