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I like my college. ^_^

Just earlier today, as I was cutting a massive bunny head of doom out of fabric, I thought back on some random events from RIT. And I actually got somewhat nostalgic.

Even though I was usually busy and often was locked away in my room being my antisocial self, I miss the times when I was in class with certain crazy classmates and outside of class hanging out with insane and delightful individuals.

So I’m looking forward to seeing you crazy bastards soon…Or at least I better see you crazy bastards. If we neither make plans or stumble upon each other, I will blame you. ^_^

About two weeks.


Progressively innovative, ingeniously directed new walking devices

I would like to introduce you to the delightful couple (quadruple?) that shall be replacing the dearly departed.

First, a dreadful picture of the most commonly useful (although painful in holey socks O_O)

And the far less useful, but equally fabulous lying upon my floor…

And since we’re on a role with the pictures here, I also received some ridiculous awesome clothes from the depths of Malaysia (the skirt only, mind you).

I saw the even more badass Dark Knight…

…with this crazy boy (whose hair I attacked with a scissor).

I also made this for my friend (the bag, not the crazy me).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand for the finale…


– Finish bag for my madre

– Finish pleated skirt for myself

– Finish earrings: electric violins, i can haz cheezburger, drink me, poison tea, zombie panda, companion cube, ect

– Open etsy shop

– Finish Dresden Dolls swap for Craftster

– Not suck at drawing anymore >_<

– Start that damn graphic novel

– Finish Japanese candy necklace

– Other stuff that I’ve probably forgotten about

No worries, blog, I have not abandoned you yet.