A moment of silence for our dearly departed

I regret to inform what negative number of people who read this that my precious boots have perished.

So many good times did we have together. Going on memorable adventures. Making great new friends. Battling the Yakuza in the depths of the Amazon. And other such endeavors.

It’s ability to add three inches to my height helped me experience the wonderful lifestyle of slightly above averaged height individuals.

I met so many delightful people at college thanks to those holy footwear. Indirectly, it even aided my meeting with my boyfriend, though he hates to admit it. Silly non-believer.

Although we had a few falling outs…in which my kneecaps got rather scraped and my ankles got dreadfully sore, we still made it through the most difficult of times.

Now with you no longer in my life, I must face the inadequate existence of being negative three inches in height.

I am forced to wear shoes that actually force my feet to bend in such preposterous positions.

Without you reaching high unto my knees, I am forced to expose the horrifying white flesh of my legs. Egads!

The times are hard, but I will carry on with my life. However, you will always remain in my heart.



Until I get a new pair, that is (And why stop at two?). Expect pictures when the new tenants arrive. >:D



  1. Olivia Said:

    What happened to your boots?

    Dear god. All is lost with the world.

  2. Beccabeck Said:

    Such a moving tribute. Let us never forget.

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