Incoming Nonsense

Ladies and gentleman, may I have your attention please? Gather around for a show of moderate proportion, chocked full of ridiculousness, random fight scenes, spell-checked nonsense, garbled rants, Romanian acrobats, and pie (of both the edible and mathematical variety).

I apologize in advance to any poor soul who was seeking an omgliekemogoff blog dripping with uproariously funny melancholy detailing my woes in regards to “conformist pigs judging me” for being “like totally unique in my dark as night clothes and chains and spikes and my lustful lusting of death metal” or perhaps my dramas entailing “oh em gee my boyfriend of two weeks broke up with me and now I cut my wrists with safety scissors and stuff”. Once again, very sorry. But no worries, I’m sure there are many other things that you can point and laugh at me for.

I created this blog in order to force myself to write again. Having been textually lacking for a decent amount of time, senseless rambling via the Internet seemed like a worthy enough cure. For now anyway. So for the most part, I’m doing this for myself. Not to say I wouldn’t want an audience. Nothing says fun like minions and/or new arch nemeses.

So I’m not quite sure what sort of warning I should give about this blog, since I’m not quite sure what I’ll be filling it with, besides profanity, muffins, and much use of the thesaurus in order to make myself sound intelligent. Perhaps there will be random stories that amused me. Some pointless statements. Ridiculous photos. I will most likely even be somewhat serious at times. Rants. Political grumbling. Angry humanitarian guilt trips. You know, the usual shenanigans.

So there you have it. Good day for now.

This sure as hell better not be my last entry.


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  1. robbymo Said:

    proud you finally did this you dumb bitch

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