Happy VD


I’m not in a words sort of mood. So I’ll keep it short and let the pictures aid me in my laziness.

Here is the heart I gave to my beau. Made an awful mess trying to remove it, staining one of my favorite shirts! And wasn’t I just thrown into a tizzy to find the biomechanical nature of the damn thing. Glad to be rid of it. The ticking was driving me mad.


Also, I felt the urge to rant against whiny single people who want to stab this holiday with a sharpened spork of doom, as I do every time this year. However I have found out over the past year or so that having a boyfriend makes me “like, totally not understand and stuff”. So since my opinion is now obsolete, and since Mike is too damn awesome for me to make any sort of single person argument,  I will allow Single KT(from a Valentines Day two years ago, no less) speak on my behalf.







So take a lesson from that girl. If you’re single, this equals fun times. Good day, chinchillas.


Does it make me nerdy if I adore this?

And Now For Something Completely Different

Bah to the contemplative blog entry. Yay for pointless, goofy shenaniganry.

Hired for Reporter, the college magazine, as a cartoonist. Mike is insanely babbling as I psychotically scribble upon some helpless engineering students forehead.

Some shady plans involving silicone and resin. Money will hopefully ensue.

Some scratching of a board. Scary angels ensue.

Room a mess. No progress. Tee hee poetry.

Still not writing. Too many ideas.

Cold as a mofo.

Flying Fennec Lizards. ❤

Not Dead Yet

Thanksgiving break. Feeling insanely restless, useless, and utterly unmotivated. So I decided that I might as well give some attention to my neglected blog.

So school thus far hasn’t been the most thrilling of things. I think it has to do with being somewhat isolated in my new house, since being in the dorms kind of puts you right next door to everyone and everything campus life. But I guess I can’t complain with the privacy, low rent, and freedom. I just need to learn to improve at pursuing cool individuals. o_O


Anyway, things I SHOULD be accomplishing this break include Christmas cards, Undead Lenin comic, and a paladin/demon character art. What I HAVE accomplished so far is some progress with the Christmas cards and some reaaaaly rough paladin sketches. I assume hours playing World of Warcraft doesn’t count as work.

Hmm..Shouldn’t I be automatically motivated to do these sort of things? Since I am majoring in it, I should enjoy it. Maybe writing and drawing my own comics and graphic novels will get more out of me. Maybe. Hopefully.
Regardless, I think this is the closest I am going to get.

Always trying to find things I enjoy doing. Therefore I like trying new things. And occasionally I get hooked to doing something for a while…but then it passes. Blargh. How dreadfully annoying.

I believe I’ll try flash again. Music again? Argh.

Another thing about me is that I hate doing things that lead to nothing productive. Well, not that I hate actually doing them…Its more like the fact that I AM doing them. Confusing? Probably.

Cause reading doesn’t produce money or some impressive skill. But it does build your mind and all that shiznat. Don’t some video games do the same?

So it always seems hard to tell if it matters what you’re doing, as long as you are enjoying it…Unless its crack, that is.

This break I think I should also write and write and write and write. And draw and draw and draw and draw. And maybe make a graphic novel or even a comic that I actually like.

Or maybe I just want the attention. But that in regards to art kind of lost its shine in highschool. Meh, sooo confusing.

Am I complaining? Not trying to. Just rambling. Musing. All that randomness.

I want a donut.

Study study study study study

So I’ve returned to good ole RIT and already I’m extremely unmotivated.

But before we go into college shenanigans, here some summer recap.

I’ve open an etsy shop found here: kamikazemongoose.etsy.com

Heres the sexy jewelry that dominates the halls of this domain currently:

Also doing a customized order of Can Haz Cheezburger earrings for an awesome Puerto Rican.  Hopefully her ears can handle the massive burgerness of it all.

Also complete my mom’s bag, which I forgot to take pictures of. Its normal, which is never such a good thing, but came out nice.

I completed my pleated skirt which I also haven’t photographed. Pretty cool though. The stray strings can be obnoxious at times.

Speaking of photography I HAZ A PROBLEM: My computer will no longer recognize that my camera is hooked up to it. I’ve tried different USB drives, uninstalling new updates, and buying a new cord. Any people know what the Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell is the deal. Plz help, k thanx? 😦

Now back to school, I’m living in a two family house for pretty cheap. My room, which I will post pictures of later, is dull and as ugly as fuck. Not that the room itself is crappy, its that my stuff is everywhere, the colors are depressing, and everything looks plain. This is my fault. I need to pimp stuff ouuuuuuuuut.

I’ll post a picture and ask for suggestions later maybe.

Well, I need to work on homework, so I’ll be quick. School is ok. What little I’ve seen of people has been awesome. Puzzles and procrastination are a bitch. And Katie needs to learn to draw again.

PS. Birthday in 13 days. Should I actually do something?


I like my college. ^_^

Just earlier today, as I was cutting a massive bunny head of doom out of fabric, I thought back on some random events from RIT. And I actually got somewhat nostalgic.

Even though I was usually busy and often was locked away in my room being my antisocial self, I miss the times when I was in class with certain crazy classmates and outside of class hanging out with insane and delightful individuals.

So I’m looking forward to seeing you crazy bastards soon…Or at least I better see you crazy bastards. If we neither make plans or stumble upon each other, I will blame you. ^_^

About two weeks.

Progressively innovative, ingeniously directed new walking devices

I would like to introduce you to the delightful couple (quadruple?) that shall be replacing the dearly departed.

First, a dreadful picture of the most commonly useful (although painful in holey socks O_O)

And the far less useful, but equally fabulous lying upon my floor…

And since we’re on a role with the pictures here, I also received some ridiculous awesome clothes from the depths of Malaysia (the skirt only, mind you).

I saw the even more badass Dark Knight…

…with this crazy boy (whose hair I attacked with a scissor).

I also made this for my friend (the bag, not the crazy me).

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand for the finale…


– Finish bag for my madre

– Finish pleated skirt for myself

– Finish earrings: electric violins, i can haz cheezburger, drink me, poison tea, zombie panda, companion cube, ect

– Open etsy shop

– Finish Dresden Dolls swap for Craftster

– Not suck at drawing anymore >_<

– Start that damn graphic novel

– Finish Japanese candy necklace

– Other stuff that I’ve probably forgotten about

No worries, blog, I have not abandoned you yet.

A moment of silence for our dearly departed

I regret to inform what negative number of people who read this that my precious boots have perished.

So many good times did we have together. Going on memorable adventures. Making great new friends. Battling the Yakuza in the depths of the Amazon. And other such endeavors.

It’s ability to add three inches to my height helped me experience the wonderful lifestyle of slightly above averaged height individuals.

I met so many delightful people at college thanks to those holy footwear. Indirectly, it even aided my meeting with my boyfriend, though he hates to admit it. Silly non-believer.

Although we had a few falling outs…in which my kneecaps got rather scraped and my ankles got dreadfully sore, we still made it through the most difficult of times.

Now with you no longer in my life, I must face the inadequate existence of being negative three inches in height.

I am forced to wear shoes that actually force my feet to bend in such preposterous positions.

Without you reaching high unto my knees, I am forced to expose the horrifying white flesh of my legs. Egads!

The times are hard, but I will carry on with my life. However, you will always remain in my heart.



Until I get a new pair, that is (And why stop at two?). Expect pictures when the new tenants arrive. >:D

This Kid is a Beast

I’m in love with this kids music. Check him out…OR SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES. Peace.

Some 2 Dimensional Tomfoolery

I still find it hard to believe that I can crank out pieces I don’t hate without doing work outside of class. Zomg indeed.

Assigment: Sequence of a performance using a body part

Assignment: Clothing as Metaphor using texture plates

Found a site with random as all hell blog posts. so I may force myself at gunpoint to post some more random wordy shit. Yah, ciao.

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